Rigmor Granlund-Lind & John Lind
Black on White
Voices and Witnesses about Electrohypersensitivity

The Swedish Experience

Translated by Jeffrey Ganellen; diagrams by Jan Rennerfelt; endnotes, explanations and technical support by Per Segerbäck; brosch, 250 p; 
ISBN 91-88884-07-4

Black on White is based on documents to the Council for Work Life Research in Sweden in March 2000 from more than 400 electrohypersensitive people and their relatives, from doctors and engineers performing field reduction and many other.

   The percentage of letter-writers with higher education was large – some

of them postgraduates and many engineers – and they all had an ambition to describe their handicap in as much detail as possible for the benefit of future research.

   The book comprises a unique collection of knowledge which will hardly be found elsewhere and will not be repeated anytime soon.

   The Swedish edition was a success partly because it was given away to friends and foes, to municipal officers and health personel, to members of Parliament/Riksdagen/ as well as to employers, doctors, electricians and others by private persons and by “our” organisations and societies. The low price of the book made this possible.



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